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Medical Provisions.

Clinical Care that speaks for itself.

All of our staff are current NHS pre-hospital care practitioners who recognise the need for high quality clinical care. Emergency interventions that start early, have an extremely positive effect on a patient's condition. We can provide this by having top of the range equipment, highly qualified, experienced staff and by liaising with local ambulance services and authorities to ensure a co-ordinated response; should the need arise. We believe and advocate great organisation and fore planning because we never know what kind of terrain we will find ourselves on! 

Our staff also take part in the events that we provide medical cover for. Current and former UltraMedix Team Members have completed many races including the Brutal Double Iron Distance Triathlon, Tough Mudder, The Iron Run, plus other events. We take an active and personal interest in the events that you are directing and competing in. 

Minor Injuries Treatment.

As athletes, we completely understand and are prepared for the number of competitors that experience minor injuries namely foot care issues, joint injuries and even those who suffer wounds or fractures after falling. UltraMedix staff are adequately trained to manage these injuries and can provide an accurate diagnosis from advanced assessment techniques.


Such techniques will determine whether participants can continue an event or more importantly be given advice and treatment plans that will certainly prepare them for their next event! The most important thing to an athlete is being there and taking part...not standing on the sidelines.


We also know the importance of quality foot care. We appreciate that all athletes, no matter what their experience, can have their success hampered by ailments such as plantar fasciitis, immersion foot or heel pain. We emphasise the importance of looking after your feet, with staff always on hand to support athletes at any point during an event.

Critical Care at the Roadside.

For certain situations, such as high-risk events or specific emergency incidents, a critical care approach focusing on collaborative working with specialist Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses coming together as a team is appropriate.


By utilising this specialist team, we are able to effectively “bring the hospital to the patient” and perform procedures and decision making that may only otherwise be possible in an Emergency Department setting.  Led by Emergency Medicine Doctors, our specialist teams have experience of working within the pre-hospital environment with schemes like BASICS. They have access to additional equipment and medications which allow them to carry out advanced procedures and clinical diagnostic testing, such as surgical airway placement, enhanced drug therapy and sedation techniques. 

Sports Science Based Support.

We are fortunate to be able to combine our knowledge and expertise in the field of Sport and Exercise Science with your event. Research in exercise science is concerned with the use of exercise as a model to contribute to our understanding of physiology and biochemistry at all levels, from the molecular to the whole body. Exercise involves the integrated actions of all the body's systems, and a knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, psychology and nutrition is essential to understand how athletes respond and adapt to the stress of intense exercise such as an ultramarathon or triathlon event. 


Each sporting activity has its own characteristics that require optimisation under the full range of environmental conditions encountered by athletes. Using information from the latest research articles allows us at UltraMedix to provide athletes with advice on current techniques and strategies to give competitors the edge, optimising performance. But we aren't just here to assist you during the event, contact us for pre and post event advice.

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