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Specialist Water Rescue.

Challenging endurance events often incorporate water elements into their courses.  As a race director or organiser, the logistics and safety of these elements of a course can be stressful. As a competitor, you want to know that a highly qualified, dynamic and professional water rescue team will be on hand should participants require assistance in the water. 


UltraMedix are in a position to ease the burden of water safety for events, by offering a complete water rescue package. Our team are all trained to SwiftWater Rescue Technician standard. Our training complies with DEFRA Module 3 content requirements, which for many years has been seen as the benchmark training course for national SwiftWater and Flood Rescue Teams. Our training is in line with emergency services personnel such as Ambulance HART, Fire Service Water Support Teams, and Mountain Rescue Teams.

We’re able to provide you with fully kitted personnel who are fully conversant with in-water and land based rescue techniques from a wide variety of situations. Our teams are equipped and trained to operate from bank or beach, on mud, through vegetation, in shallow wading water, on deep, slow water on fast moving water, from boat, sled or in water swimming rescues. Not only this, but we can also assist Race Directors with pre-event site visits and risk assessments if required. 


Click the link to visit the Rescue 3 Europe website to learn more about our qualifications. 

Want to know more about our water rescue capabilities? Or would you like to join our rapidly expanding team? If so, get in touch with our Rescue Team Leader, Matt Brinton via his email address:

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